Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sad News

It is our sad duty to inform you that at 7.25GMT on the morning of 28th December 2007, Joe Holmberg, founder member of Republic of Heaven, lost his battle with the cancer he had been fighting bravely for several months. Our sense of loss is overwhelming, and to put our feelings into words seems almost impossible. Joe was family to us, and to believe someone so special has gone just seems so hard to bear.

As some of you may know, after a distinguished career bouncing around like a loon on stage for Republic of Heaven, Joe left the shores of England just over a year ago to make a new life for himself in Paris with his partner Emilie. He threw himself into this new adventure with the same energy he had for everything in life – learning a new language and finding work in a strange city - always keeping us up to date with every exploit in his own inimitable, vital and fiercely intelligent style.

Joe had been suffering from ill health for a few months before being diagnosed with malignant cancer in September 2007, though to read his emails and blog posts, you’d think he’d just been told he had chicken pox. His ability to laugh and to remain so mentally strong throughout such a traumatic ordeal was a truly extraordinary thing to witness - so much so that when we visited him recently, although we all recognised the severity of his condition, it never occurred to us that he might not be with us three weeks later.

Our hearts go out to Geoff and Sheila (Joe’s parents), Pat (Joe’s brother) and of course Emilie, who has been part of our extended family for so long. We can’t possibly send you enough love and support, and our thoughts are with you all, and with that wonderful man you called your son, your brother and your partner. To find so much passion and intelligence, wit and sincerity in one human being is incredibly rare - you can be sure that as Joe’s friends, we will work, play, laugh and love as hard as we can, as that is the best tribute anyone can pay to such an amazing talent.

Goodbye Mr H. you big ginger bass monkey. We love you dearly. Wherever you are now, please make sure you jump around a lot, break stuff and hug people. Keep thinking, arguing and laughing. Keep your ear out for weird noises and bands with stupid names. Keep finding ways to better yourself. Keep collecting strange anecdotes and making them stranger still with your wicked sense of fun. Keep learning more than seems possible. Keep smiling in our memories and keep us from stumbling in the wrong direction. We know you’ll always be doing these things because this is how we remember you. Carry on doing the things you were good at fella – and by that we mean… well… everything.

Without wishing to stray into the realms of trite hyperbole – bless you Joe, we are truly so much richer for having had you in our lives. If you see any beardy deities, please pull their jack-leads out and kick their amplifiers over for us would you? Politely obviously… we would expect nothing less.

Mark, Giles, Toby & Rich.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Proof, if proof be need be

Mr Duffy labours relentlessly for his comrades on the forthcoming Republic of Heaven release. His blood, sweat and tears are yours my friend. But is he pained by his experience? No... tea and cigarettes are his reward. He works all the hours of his day (24 hours - his day is like yours and mine) on the problem at hand.

Can he fix it? Yes he can.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Strange Mutterings.....

Anyone for a large slice of overdrive pie or a tasty piece of delay
The last time we updated you the clammy hands of Autumn were
beginning to throttle our gravelled throats and make off with our
Hawaiian shirts for another season. And thankfully for your musical
delectation we have now awoken from the darkness of Winter into the
light. Quite frankly we don't like it. Its very bright, and RoH are
more akin to mole like adventures and underground sounds, creating all
manner of small muddy eruptions around your perfectly level playing
field of a mind.
Things have progressed during our hibernation - three
bears have now become four. Not only has new bassist Richard Ladd
learned enough tunes to have made several foraging trips into the
public domain, but everyone seems to have bought shiny new Springtime
amplifier machines and are happily creating new songs with them in
joyous epic and ultimately dark harmony. Oh and speaking of harmony,
Mr. Ladd has also been heard singing, that's right, singing with the
band. There's also speak of gigs - one this week in fact at the Pav
Tav Thursday 15th March 9pm FREE - and another, the biggie (or
biggish) at the Pressure Point on 26th April, doubling as one of the
band's Birthday celebrations - so plenty of scope to see the new line
up and hear some new sounds. Work on the new EP? "Tweak tweak" goes
the sound of the Lesser Spotted Mixing Bird.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


something's coming...

Friday, August 25, 2006

The triumphant return of Mr. Duffy

I have RECEIVED (FROM THE INTERNET) a further missive from the enigmatic pen of Mr. Duffy:
As summer begins to fade and the dank limp hands of autumn begin to clasp the weather to its pallid chest things are afoot in the RoH camp.

Work on a second EP has commenced demanding the retention of the band members in dark and possibly odious rooms whilst they follow instructions and make best efforts to record sounds and arrange them. It is not clear when this work will be completed but further missives may well reveal a date. Mr Duffy is said to be exciteable and Mr Sandeman has been seen with what is thought to be a suppressed smile regarding this work.

Mr Joe Holmberg, loudest bass manipulator in all of Brighton town, is to make a significant excursion to the streets of Paris, where he will conduct field observations on the Europeans. At this time his place will be taken by the enigmatic 'Rich' who is from the North. Experimental testing on aforesaid refugee from the cold ['Rich']is under way in order to prepare him for the ordeal of live appearances with the band.

Actual appearances are not confirmed at present but we look forward to notifying you.

Thank you for your patience.

Mr Duffy
On behalf of
Republic Of Heaven

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer gig! Thu 3rd August, Pressure Point

Hey hey.

So we've been writing new songs, and we'd like to play them at you. To you. Yes.

We will, indeed, play an assortment of our much-loved Current Songs also.

You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating the first Republic of Heaven gig in almost two months. We are more stoked than Dracula.

Information you may need for your head is:
Thursday 3rd August
Pressure Point, Brighton
Doors 8pm

Make Good Your Escape (Fierce Panda signees)
Republic of Heaven (we are us, yes)
Anotherstory (touring for forthcoming single "Traffic")
Daze One (local Party-In-The-Park-sters)

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Greeetings one and all......

Just a quickie to say that we're on June's Brighton Waves Podcast.
This is most excellent indeed.
Not only that, it contains other high quality content too.
Be amazed!!
Further, you may retrieve the casting from this very location, right here, really...

Chop chop.....